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SUJET : PS4 Interfering with Wifi

PS4 Interfering with Wifi il y a 4 ans 3 jours #30591

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I have a very strange and uncommon problem with my Playstation 4.
My Ps4 is hard wired, and when I turn the system on the ps4 itself and the online services work fine, however from the moment I turn the console on it somehow interferes with my wireless internet and virtually makes the wifi for every single device in the house unsuable. I have tried using static IP addresses for the PS4, and 've disabled the remote play setting.

This is not a problem with internet speed or bandwith because my internet is 30mbps and the wireless internet is perfect from the moment I turn the PS4 off again. I have video evidence of this, the second I turn the console on, my wireless devices do not work, the second i turn it off, they work again. I dont know if this is a problem with PS4 in general, with my ps4 individually or with my internet, but if I can't fix it soon i'm going to have to trade it for an Xbox. At the moment I simply cant play it since it hits everyone else in my house offline.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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